The Sun – ‘Want flies with that?’

The Sun - 'Want flies with that'

The Sun’s Consumer Editor Dan Jones called on OpenWorld News when he wanted to reveal which of Britain’s best known fast food restaurants, family restaurants, and pub restaurants were making basic hygiene blunders. We gathered XML files detailing hygiene ratings for restaurants in every local authority and loaded them into a database. This allowed us to analyse nationwide data and determine which of the restaurant chains had the best and worst hygiene scores, and which were found to be in need of hygiene improvements. Using the Freedom of Information Act we then obtained the inspection reports for some restaurants.

The result was a double-page spread in The Sun on January 2, 2013 with the headline: ‘Our Dirty Diners: Sun Investigation – Want flies with that?’ It revealed how mice droppings were found at one restaurant,  along with serious failings at other well-known chains.

You can read the full PDF here.

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