Osama Bin Laden’s daughter-in-law becomes a member of forces charity the Royal British Legion

Today’s story in The Sun – another exclusive from OpenWorld News – presents a dilemma of epic proportions for one of the nation’s finest institutions.

Osama Bin Laden’s daughter-in-law has become a member of forces charity The Royal British Legion.

On one hand, this is a human rights triumph. According to the RBL’s constitution anyone can join their ranks.

And by all accounts Zaina Bin Laden – previously known as Jane Felix Browne – has become a valued member of her local branch in Moulton, Cheshire.

However, there are … Read more →

Increasing numbers of ‘green on blue’ attacks – is there a simple solution? Probably not…

Green on blue attacks are on the rise.

With increasing frequency, Afghan soldiers, police officers and even cooks are turning on their ISAF comrades with devastating consequences.

Thanks to an audacious attack on Camp Bastion – the most fortified city in the world – followed by the murder of two soldiers from the Third Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment by a man in an Afghan police uniform, the world and its father waded into the discussion on whether or not to reduce joint patrols, last month.

The idiosyncrasies of the conflict in Afghanistan still confound me. Despite all the time I have spent out there – embedded with troops from … Read more →

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