TV work

Here’s a selection of our work for television, including C4 Dispatches, C4 News and BBC Sunday Politics.


Our investigation for Channel 4 News revealed for the first time the thousands of children in the UK recorded by councils as at risk of child sexual exploitation. It showed children are vulnerable across the country, and numbers are growing.


Our investigation for Channel 4’s Dispatches examined how councils really spend your money, as they are increasingly given greater control over their budgets. The 30-minute documentary was a co-production with Juniper TV, and aired on 17 June 2013.


An OpenWorld News investigation revealed Comic Relief was investing millions of pounds of donations in arms companies and tobacco firms. The exclusive story was first revealed in the People newspaper before the research was used for a BBC Panorama called ‘All In A Good Cause’.


With the UK facing a chronic shortage of organs, those from ‘high risk’ donors are increasingly used for transplants. We investigated just how severe the situation is and the consequences for patients who are having to choose between organs from drug and alcohol abusers, or no organ at all. The story was broadcast on Channel 4 News on 21 January 2014.


When a child goes missing from a loving family it can hit the headlines within hours, but when children from children’s homes or foster care go missing, it’s a very different story. We investigated exactly what happens when looked after children and babies disappear. The staggering results were broadcast on Channel 4 news on 23 May 2014.


We were tasked by Channel 4 News to investigate the growing number of firms ready to frack on UK soil, and the landowners signing up to cash in. Little did we expect that one of those standing to profit was the Queen. The film was broadcast on Channel 4 News on 20 March 2014.


Working together with Channel 4 News we investigated the extraordinary lengths that staff at bookmakers are reportedly going to in order to keep punters betting on so-called ‘crack cocaine’ betting machines. The story aired on 28 April 2014.


Taser use is on the increase in the UK. With so many officers now able to discharge 50,000 volts at will, we wanted to see how trigger-happy they are becoming. And we discovered even young children are now in the firing line. This report for BBC Sunday Politics South East aired on 2 June 2013.