Alarm raised as 19 babies vanish from council care0

BABIES are among almost 5,000 children who have disappeared from council care in the past two years.

A boy only a few months old went missing nearly two years ago and has not been found. Another 18 babies also vanished, some for months at a time.

Experts described the figures as “alarming” and accused councils of leaving some youngsters at risk from child abusers.

Tom Rahilly, head of strategy for looked-after children at the NSPCC, said: “When children and young people in care go missing it should be no different to when any other child disappears from home.This is very alarming.”

Figures obtained under freedom of information laws show at least 4,852 looked-after children were reported missing between January 2012 and December 2013.

Many disappeared on more than one occasion, with a total of 24,320 cases logged.

Baby hands

Of the 138 councils in England and Wales which responded, 34 provided detailed data showing there were 992 cases of children absent for at least five days, 34 missing for at least six months, and eight for more than a year.

While the vast majority were teenagers, those who disappeared included six toddlers and dozens of children aged 4-9.

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The basic food hygiene blunders at some of the country’s best-known restaurant chains

When you go for a bite to eat at some of the country’s best-known and long-established restaurant chains you expect them to be clean and hygienic.

But are they?

This was the question posed by Consumer Editor of The Sun, Dan Jones, as he tasked OpenWorld News to investigate if any were making hygiene blunders.

And the answer was a pretty stomach-churning yes, as we found mouse droppings and … Read more →

The 10 families living off jobless handouts while claiming child benefit for 13 children

For most hard-working couples, the decision to have a second, third, or maybe fourth child will inevitably raise the question: ‘Can we afford to?’

Which is why the subject of large families living off welfare is often so incendiary.

Our investigation, published by The Sun today, shows 40,000 families living on state handouts are now … Read more →

Children aged 10 arrested for rape amid fears internet pornography is warping young minds

By Guy Basnett

Our investigation for the Daily Mail makes the front page this morning, as we reveal children as young as 10 are being arrested on suspicion of rape.

It comes amid fears that easy access to internet pornography is affecting the minds of youngsters.

In one shocking case we uncovered, a ten-year-old boy in Merseyside was suspected of being involved in the gang rape of a 12-year-old girl by three boys.

In another, a ten-year-old was arrested by Avon and Somerset Police on suspicion of … Read more →

BBC Radio 5 live Drive programme on the OpenWorld News investigation into sex offender doctors

Listen to Peter Allen on BBC Radio 5 live Drive discuss our investigation into sex offender doctors, and the reaction of the General Medical Council.

The 31 doctors still licensed to practise despite being sex offenders – because banning them would breach their human rights

You need to have complete trust in your doctor.  They treat people at their most vulnerable, are provided with the most sensitive details, and often see their patients at their most exposed.

So could your GP or hospital doctor be a sex offender?  Well, surprisingly, yes.

The information we obtained, published today in the Daily Mail, reveals 31 doctors are still licensed to work, despite being convicted of sex offences.  These include … Read more →

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