Ten things we learned in 2014 thanks to OpenWorld News

Ten things we learned in 2014 thanks to OpenWorld News0

2014 was a great year for OpenWorld News, and it was all topped off with a nomination at the British Journalism Awards for Investigation of the Year. Thanks to all those who supported our journalism.

Here’s a reminder of ten things we learned this year thanks to OpenWorld News


1. Supermarkets selling unlabelled Halal meat

Supermarkets and restaurants were selling Halal-slaughtered meat – but with no labelling, customers were completely unaware.

Halal - OWN 2014


2. Hospitals incinerating unborn babies as waste

Our investigation caused the NHS to ban the incineration of all foetal remains from miscarriages and abortions.

Shortlisted at the British Journalism Awards for Investigation of the Year.

Foetal - OWN 2014


3. Britain’s weapons sales to Russia

As the Government condemned the Kremlin for the annexation of Crimea, we revealed the UK was supplying £86m of arms to Russia.

Russia - OWN 2014


4. The true scale of child sexual exploitation

For the first time, our investigation revealed how many children all over England are at risk of sexual exploitation and grooming gangs.

CSE - OWN 2014

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Sickbed UK does poorly

BRITISH hospitals have fewer beds per person than almost every country in Europe, shock figures have revealed.

In a survey of 28 nations the UK came second from bottom — beating only Sweden — with fewer than three beds for every 1,000 Brits.

That is way below the figures for some of Europe’s poorest countries. Even hard-up Bulgaria had seven beds per 1,000 citizens.

Hospital beds stock image

Official figures show almost 12,500 operations have been cancelled so far this winter as hospitals ran out of space. The latest data from the European Commission — which saw Germany at No1, with 8.3 beds — has sparked fears of an NHS crisis.

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BBC Politics Show covers our investigation into children shot with Tasers

We worked with the BBC Politics Show South East to look at the numbers of children shot and threatened with Tasers in their area. They put together this package and interview. Serious concerns are raised over the use of 50,000-volt Taser stun guns against children, but the police still defend their use.


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